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For approved pets only. Be sure to notify us if you are bringing a pet to one of our pet-friendly properties. 

Pet Policy Addendum
Jupiter Vacation Rentals, Vacation Rental Agreement 

  1. Jupiter Vacation Rentals only accepts well-behaved, housebroken dogs into our pet-friendly properties. Even though we love all pets, we regret that we are unable to allow any animals other than dogs in our rental properties. Absolutely no cats are permitted in Jupiter Vacation Rentals properties. For the purposes of this Agreement, the term “pet” is always used in reference to a dog.
  2. Pet-friendly properties require a non-refundable pet fee (ranging from $0 to $300 plus applicable taxes) per pet, as noted in the property description, add-ons, and/or booking page. Any misrepresentation regarding the number of pets at the Property will be charged accordingly.
  3. Pets are only permitted with prior approval—be sure to notify us if you are bringing a dog to one of our pet-friendly properties. If prior approval has not been authorized, and there is evidence of a pet has been at the Property, the penalty may include a $200 plus applicable taxes charge, immediate removal of the pet, and eviction from the Property with the forfeiture of all rental payments.
  4. In the interest of protecting your dog, a leash should always be used when your dog is outside. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to understand and abide by state and local leash laws.
  5. As a general rule, dogs should not be left unattended in properties. In an unfamiliar environment, dogs may act uncharacteristically and unpredictably. They may get nervous and bark, causing a disturbance to neighbors. Or they may harm the Property by chewing, scratching, or making messes that they would not typically make at home. For these reasons, please remember to be respectful of nearby neighbors and also to please use a crate in the rare event that a dog must be left alone in a rental.
  6. For the safety of your dog, you should not leave Fido unattended outside the Property. It is best to stay with your dog when outdoors.
  7. To better serve you and your furry family member, our office can arrange for walking, grooming, and playing with your dog. Call us for details and pricing. We will also happily recommend local groomers, doggie boutiques, and doggie day care or doggie resorts at no charge. 
  8. If you need veterinary services during regular business hours, please call our office and we will recommend (based on our own experiences with our four-legged family members) a veterinary hospital close to where you are staying. 

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